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Why is tracking email attachments in sales is so important?

email attachment tracking for sales is vital
Email attachment tracking for sales is vital

There are a lot of marketing automation tools out there. A friend in the EU @martechtribe had a nice Lumascape for marketing automation tools by country.

In sales there are probably fewer more than enough.

But let us breakdown why tracking an email attachment is so important and discuss 5 key things that benefit you from knowing what people are interested in.

First, we explore tracking what page people are on and how long they are on it. 

Why do you care?

Well, it tells you what interest they have with the file you sent them.  It gives insight on where your buyer spends their time.

The messaging and that piece of information on a particular page that is calling to them.  Is it the case study section of your proposal, is it the pricing page, is competitive table showing your differentiation?

For salespeople, consultants, or agents, this means you know exactly what topic to describe in your follow up email.

email attachment tracking salespeople app
Email attachment tracking since salespeople need tools

You know exactly what questions to prepare for the next phone call.

With email attachment tracking, you would know exactly how to engage the buyer in the next conversation and provide more value.

For marketers, this means information on what to spend money on. 

What is causing more engagement with your ideal customer profile.

How is the content produced by the marketing team helping the sales team. 

Are the presentations too long?

What does the buyer like the most?

What page drives the interest attention?

Now take all of that information and redirect the spend on producing what matters most.

That is real ROI.

ROI on email attachment tracking icon data
ROI on email attachment tracking insights

Second, we explore the auto-notifications when a buyer is viewing your file, not just the open but actually on it.

This presents a real, in the moment of interest, opportunity to connect with your buyer. 

A call within the hour of looking at your document or within the day or even the next day is more likely to keep you top of mind with buyer than a follow up three weeks later or none at all because you had so much volume in sales you “missed” this one.

For agents, sellers, and consultants, this helps you focus your day on buyers that are interested in doing business with you.

It helps weed out the noise of following up for the sake of following up. It allows you to stop “chasing” buyers or deals and target creating the deals you want.

For marketers, you now have data on multiple things that are shared throughout the sales cycle. Data that informs you on the engagement throughout the customer journey.

Email attachment tracking for single users
Email attachment tracking for single users

Insights from email attachment tracking on the documents and topics that drive engagement. 

Third, we look at the downstream shares. 

The who?

The files that your buyer (your original recipient) is forwarding to other people in the organization.

This matters because you may stumble across someone new that you didn’t know before. It could be a decision maker or an influencer. Or worse, they shared it with your competitor, ouch, but it does happen.

You now have the visibility into the organization that you did not have. All because of the email attachment tracking services. 

Downstream email attachment tracking shares gives a person the insight as to the other players in the decision making process.

Fourth, we discuss the ROI for a bit.

ROI is simple. The value of a purchase must far outweigh the costs involved.

Email attachment tracking for single ROI
Email attachment tracking for single ROI

Okay, if you are realistic and practical you set a hurdle rate, you check to opportunity cost, the cost of capital and factor in some others numbers and viola, you make a decision. It is still not rocket science.

But let me bring this to life on the $15/month you may pay for a email attachment tracking for single service or SaaS solution like Slydeck.

Let’s will take the question, have you ever lost a deal?

The answer is YES, and if it isn’t, you are lying to yourself. 

Seriously, we have all lost a deal in our lifetime.  

I can give you 6 reasons we lose sales of the many (but that is another blog post). 

So what was that deal worth in your paycheck: $50 in commissions, maybe $150 in residuals, maybe $500 or maybe $3000.

But the money never made it to your paycheck.

Email attachment tracking service
Sales need to be nurtured with insight

Now as a good seller or agent, did you reflect on the loss?

You should have.

You may have determined it was lack of focus, or you didn’t specifically address their need, in other words the prospects felt like your solution wasn’t the right fit.

If you knew what your prospects where interested all along the way would you be more in tune and would you have potentially won the deal? Yes.

If you knew that your prospect was not engaging, could you validate that you were column fodder?

No, but with email attachment tracking and document tracking services you could have known early on and you would have spent your time elsewhere. An increase in efficiency (will get to this in a second)

Whether you win a few more deals or stop losing deals (winning more) the net effect is the same – more money in your pocket.

But back to the ROI.

Is $15/month/user worth one more deal added to your paycheck?

Email attachment tracking service
Email attachment tracking service insights that close deals!

If your margin on one more deal is not worth $15 than you may want to look at selling something different. Just saying. 

Lastly, an increase in efficiency combined with an increase in you close rate. 

You cannot deny that an increase in your efficiency of organizing you week, your day, your calls, your follow ups would not improve by having more insight.

If you do not believe it then try our email attachment tracking service for free until you win that one extra deal.

High performing agents and reps are great at building relationships but are also greatly efficient with their time.

Let Slydeck help you be that high performing individual at the top of their game. Efficiency will drive more business and more time. 

Don’t settle for anything less and after all, is $15 a month worth it?

I believe the answer is YES.

Commit to adding more value to your sales conversations by signing up at for our free email attachment tracking version to start.

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