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About Us

A platform designed to track attachments in detail.

We believe that anyone who shares attachments (or files) for business should care about what the recipient does with those attachments.

Do they look at them? Do they forward them? Does something in particular peak their interest? Or does something raise more questions?

That’s why we built a piece of software that allows anyone who shares attachments to see and understand what the recipient does with it.

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Let our data guide your focus

Our analytics will tell you details on the files, our insights will guide you on how to best leverage that information.
You decide whether you spend your time with this prospect or not.  Can you build value for them or are you wasting your time?

Elevate Your Sales Insights

Be prepared, provide valuable discussion points on every call.
Know the information that you should proactively bring up on the next call with your prospect without them telling you it is top of mind?

Join a new wave of sellers that are informed when they have discussions with prospects.  

Respect Everyone You Meet

Always Bring A Different Perspective

Volunteer & Give Back To Your Community

Learn Something New Every Day