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TL;DR: This is crazy powerful software. I would have closed more deals if I had proposal tracking early in my career.

Sign up. Use it. Get paid. The end.

Let proposal tracking software guide you to better communication.

Here’s why I believe that, I made calls, I walked the halls, I have done the demo’s, I have sat in boardrooms, I have forecasted the number & chased every lead like it was real. Had I been smarter, and had there been a way to help me not just get through cadence, [on gut instinct and shaky promises] then I’d be on a fancy boat right now, floating off my own private island.

I joined Slydeck in 2019 because I’ve learned the value of my prospecting and pre-sales time: not all deals are equal, but everybody wants slides or a proposal…right?

What I didn’t know was who to call next, and what they wanted to talk about. The platform we built tells me precisely that, and I use it every day. It works.

Let’s play this out;


  1. We get introduced; maybe you call me, maybe I cold-call you.
  2.  I get lucky; perhaps we set up a meeting and I send you a pitch-deck in advance. If I’m good, we schedule “a demo,” but I don’t know who I’m talking to, or about what in particular; I spend 20 minutes making sure you can hear me & see my screen, and then I just read slides and pause occasionally for “questions” you haven’t got.
  3. Sales person/Account Executive shuffles around uncomfortably on mute. They’re also on the phone, but have been here before. ‘kinda the same old scripted thing. We’ll debrief & I’ll hear all about it later, trust me…;)
  4. I do my thing, remotely, to a room full of unknown and unreadable people, most of whom are typing & not listening. I don’t know this for sure but I can guess…we’ve all been there & done that, haven’t we?
  5. I close with “good meeting” and we agree to “follow up” with some slides and I send you my deck or document, attached to a nice email.
  6. You go quiet. I leave you a VM in a couple of days to “catch-up” and “make sure you have my contact details.” I probably fish for “a call, when you have time.”
  7. Meanwhile, I tell my people it “went well” and I’m “following up.” It goes on their list for next week to check-in with me on, because now it’s on their forecast call as “stretch” for sure.
  8. Nothing happens, but I tried. I’ll bluff that next week.
  9. I take heat.
  10. The end.

Let’s discuss a better approach.

Email stress without proposal tracking.


  1. #1 is as above, we chat & I send you some stuff.
  2. I know you opened it, and I know you read through it.
  3. I know you’re interested in how I position myself against my competitors, how my pricing works, or what my “offer” is because I know you spent time on those pages.
  4. I know you passed my proposal on, and how whom, [and how they] engaged with it…that’s powerful.
  5. I call you. We talk about [that] and advance those topics, specifically, with an audience that’s probably listening. I answer your questions, and I ask if [your recipient] might have questions on [their topics] that I should follow-up on directly?
  6. NOW I ask if you’d like to pursue, with whom, and how?
  7. You say “ no ,” and I can choose to walk away. You say “ Yes! ,” so I have an opportunity and it’s my ball, with insight…
  8. I do my thing. We work it out, promptly, intelligently, and with focus.
  9. Deal gets done.
  10. I get paid.

Proposal tracking gives insight to follow.

Proposal tracking helps you with better insight.

You see how this works? Do you get more out of scenario #1 or scenario #2?

Do you want to filter your dead-end leads out long before the next call, you board a flight, or eat lunch 500 miles away (you’re paying for) and would rather have time at home with the family?

Do you want to just get through cadence & “forecast” that number again because you “have a meeting scheduled” about nothing in particular?

You want to close a deal, add a customer, and get paid, right?

I’ve done#1 and built #2.

It’s quick, inexpensive, easy and it just works.

Try our free version and focus on better leads to start.

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