Free Proposal Tracking Services Just For You

Free Proposal Tracking Software

Why do I need to track my proposals anyways?

Drafting a great proposal these days can be a breeze with certain types of software or online services. 

Easy navigation and simple proposal tracking

From students to business account managers, proposals can help you get exposure, close business deals, and gain new clients depending on how many are read and reply.

Typically, you have worked hard on your ideas and spent exhaustive hours trying to get a professional quality proposal or pitch deck put together. 

You worked hard on designing the custom terms or pricing towards getting the client questions answered and magnifying elements that you believe they really need to focus on.

This proposal looks amazing, so send it right?

Of course as you’re going to go over it and review every detail. You say to yourself “They are going to love this!” You have spent time meticulously on certain sections or points and included images to act as a visual aid.

You may even have a team to collaborate with, get their ideas, thoughts, edits, and input by sharing your proposal to design and ready to go by simply sharing the final draft.

Team policy on email attachment tracking

You’ve sent the proposal attached in your business email excited and ready to wait for them to reply then… one week goes by, two weeks, three weeks etc. You want to do your diligence and follow up but unsure about timing and what the portion the potential client really was interested in?

It’s possible this lead eventually replies and thanks you for your time, but they are not interested in your product or service.

Did they even review the proposal?

We know the first thing you are going to ask yourself is “Did they even review the proposal?” and if so “What did they possibly spend time reviewing?” You are left without feedback and uncertain if they even considered your company or service.

Now multiply this effort by (5X), (10X), (20X), and beyond for proposals or documents being drafted and sent all while trying to keep up with who’s engaging and who is ignoring your attachment.

Proposal tracking helps you know who is engaged

All while trying to engage in taking care of daily business and it’s enough to give any normal person a headache!

Therefore, we decided to offer our basics services to the public. Our version of free proposal tracking is to help even the smallest business owners understand if their potential sales target or lead is doing anything with their documents. 

Free proposal tracking software at the very least should help you understand if your attachment has been opened and reviewed at all.

Drag and drop your email attachment

We strive to make our proposal tracking software easy to navigate and allow you to drop the proposal or document directly into a link that can be shared.

Our free proposal tracking service even offers a branded viewer to help you get the full experience out of the service.

Your proposal or sales pitch deck is held in the cloud securely with consistent back-up for your documents.

Email tracking same as attachment tracking?

Keep an eye on email attachments opened

Sure, there are some robust companies out there such as and that envelops document tracking services for a wide range of products, but our goal is to help business owners track their proposals within a moderate budget. Your success is our success and you should grow with the demand of business.

We understand not everyone in business is the CEO of a fortune 500 company managing millions of dollars on proposal tracking service, yet millions of email attachments are sent every day with no tracking or engagement signals.

We believe anyone that spends hours on their design and content for proposals should have access to insight for the attachment to reduce the headache such as “should I even waste time with this lead?”

Yes, you should track all email attachments or proposals

Try out our free version below

Go ahead and give our free proposal tracking service a test run and experience the simplicity of knowing if your attachment is opened and your follow-up may find the insight and focus needed to close the deal.

Try our free starter version now.