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Slydeck is pleased to announce the appointment of Ryan Shelley from SMA Marketing to our Advisory Board.

Ryan brings over 10 years of experience in the marketing space leveraging tools and data insights to drive outcomes. Ryan said, “Slydeck gives
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Sales data insight Email attachment tracking service

Calculate your potential ROI if using Slydeck attachment tracking links

Utilizing our quick Google sheet tool you can calculate potential ROI Data from you sales team or management should be
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Slydeck scores a Hat Trick for September!

We got 3 in September! Great announcements and as always user feedback drives enhancements. With these new updates, we significantly
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Jason Walker Sales Proposal Tracking

Slydeck is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Walker to our Advisory Board

Jason brings nearly 15 years of experience in the insurance technology space and has been key to our success so far. Jason said, “Slydeck is
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