Sales data insight Email attachment tracking service

Utilizing our quick Google sheet tool you can calculate potential ROI

Data from you sales team or management should be entered within the “white cell” area and should include items listed such as:

  • Number of sales people
  • Average number of documents each salesperson sends out per week
  • Annual Documents / Proposals Sent
  • Win Rate (%)? How many of these proposals/quotes/documents will result in a win?

The deals won and average should resemble the total revenue

Here’s a brief snippet of our projected increase regarding the Slydeck potential

Sales projections are not an exact science but with fairly accurate data companies can narrow down the odds.

  • If your salespeople had the ability to quickly follow up with those actively engaging with your content and improve their focus on those clients to close more deals, what % improvement in deals won would you expect?
  • Additional deals won?
  • Average value of deal?

Final projection of sales tool investment and potential ROI

Closing deals and reaching sales goals that are locked in ultimately is what matters to you company bottom line. But choosing the right tools for success that perform within a budget creates a win-win for both sides.

  • Compare your implementation cost
  • Price per user/seat/licenses
  • Yearly subscription cost for support

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