Today sales is a “black box” and there are many reasons for it. 

There are a lot of marketing automation tools out there.

A good friend Frans Riemersma @martechtribe told me:

“There were over 6500 marketing automation tools in the marketing landscape. In sales there are probably just as many but how about those focused on engagement intelligence during the sales cycle. “

– Frans Riemersma

Solving the problem of what people care about when they are sent an attachment by using email attachment tracking is one of them. 

If you know what material or content a prospect is engaging with, a seller can definitively bring value to the next conversation?

email attachment tracking
Solve the black hole of sales insights with email attachment tracking

Today sales is a “black box” and there are many reasons for it. 

Sellers need to spend time in front of clients bringing value to every conversation they have.

They deliver what clients are asking for and in return the clients do business with them. 

There is art and science in these interactions as sellers build relationships, and marking things in a CRM or telling your marketing team that case study worked is the lowest priority a seller has.  So this “black box” just continues to be what it is.  Zero visibility into what sellers do, how and when they interact with prospects during the sales cycle.

Up until now, we have had plenty of tools for marketing to determine who visits a website, where they came from, automation with mail chimp for outreach, but sales doesn’t have tools like that.

We are just starting to scratch the surface and at Slydeck we are bringing it to sales one capability at a time.

email attachment tracking (1)
Target the right prospects with mail attachment tracking

It is a pretty simple process, load a file, get a link, track what your prospect cares about. 

This will help you plan a value-based discussion on the next touch-point.

You can’t afford to have low quality conversations anymore, click the link and try of free version to start.

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