How can I track when someone opens my email attachment?
Easy To Use Email Attachment Tracking Software
Easy to use email attachment tracking software

We have all been there before. How many times have you as a professional or business owner sent an email and then waited…and waited… and waited, then wondered what happened to the contact or if they viewed your attachment?

Email attachment tracking via email gives the person insight on interaction to help build and maintain a relationship within a crowded and competitive inbox environment. 

During the early years of email it was normal to send one out and have no idea what happened after that email was sent, or did it get lost in the inbox, or is it in their spam folder, or did they open any links or attachments?

The benefits of email attachment tracking 

Email Attachment Tracking Alert Site
Email attachment tracking files within our software

Have you ever seen multiple emails from a correspondent even though you personally have not opened any of them? Not many people want to get multiple follow-up emails when they have not even opened the first email sent.

Think about it, if they have not opened the first email you sent, they are unlikely to open future follow up emails, and you can stop pursuing them at that point.

Tracking email open rates along with attachments viewed helps you as a business or sales person, by preventing a necessary follow-up emails and wasting time trying to gain the attention of the recipient for both sales rep or company owner.

Likewise, using email attachment tracking or proposal tracking services you may notice that recipient is clicking on the links sent or viewing a proposal attached to the email, you know they are currently reviewing this and this task is potentially at the forefront of their mind.

This makes it more relevant and timely to reach out to them at that point, once they are thinking about your proposal or link has been clicked it helps you with insight into email interactions for contacts, customers, prospects, or any other networking goals.

The goal of email attachment tracking is to provide insight

Using email Attachment Tracking for Sales
Using email attachment tracking for sales

If you sent a follow up email and can determine the recipient is engaged with your content this can lead to a follow up email to correspond with their activity and inquire for more questions.

Creating proposals or sales presentations can be time-consuming and writing emails frustrating when trying to convey your message with what to say that conveys your message. Spending hours to fill in all that white space with your message you want to make sure it is delivered and appreciated.

Technology is constantly changing but using email tracking to improve the customer experience helps sales representatives or business owners to follow-up in a responsible manner. 

Sales email attachment tracking is the future

Email Attachment Tracking Tools
Email attachment tracking tools

Technology is constantly changing but using email tracking to improve the customer experience helps sales representatives or business owners to follow-up in a responsible manner. Many companies set standards for how a sales rep or team interacts with email on when and how to reach out to recipient after they have reviewed the attachment or link.  Using email attachment tracking helps to monitor those goals.

Proper use of tracking tools in your company’s privacy policy or guidelines are important, part of that process maybe restraint on how often you send a potential client an email or what is attached for review. Reports on email attachment tracking help to disclose when people engage or how often you should follow up with another email inquiry.

You are ready to start email attachment tracking, so let’s discuss where to start.

There are many different email tracking tools on the market today and with slydeck you will get notifications live when someone opens or clicks your email attachment link. You’ll also get real-time notifications when they share those attachments and how many times they open your link.

Start by composing your email along with your information about who you are emailing. Make sure you notate valuable information such as company information, open deals, timeline of communication, and use a CRM (customer relationship management) that you find useful for operating your company or sales team. Here are a few we recommend that our free or low cost. Zoho, Flowlu, Hubspot Free CRM

Let’s do this

Once you have curated your content, go ahead and open your slide deck software, then upload or drag and drop your attachment which will automatically create a shareable link to your document.

email attachment tracking
First step of tracking email attachment with Slydeck.

If you are still unsure about your email and how it will read, send a preview email to another account and review the interaction to ensure it represents the best image of your company and proposal.

Make sure you have CRM software to keep track of the contacts and proposals sent in a timely manner.

You can also upload your own company logo within the software to create the professional image upon delivery.

Share your link directly to an email list or copy the URL to attach within an email and send!

From there it is up to you to follow up on insights provided with our software and time the process of follow up on emails or phone calls to communicate effectively, navigate their inbox, and ultimately build and maintain meaningful relationships.

Slydeck created this email attachment tracking software to empower both sides of recipients in the email attachment process and help businesses grow.

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