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Insight is no longer important in today’s business, it’s critical.  Without it you are lost.

A report from Indeed showed a 29% increase in demand for data scientist year over year and a 344% increase since 2013.  The demand is greater than the supply and it is all because business are looking for data-driven insights and analytics.

So why would you, as a seller, selling your services or products not want to have conversations based on data-driven insights? Is it because you think you are too small or your team is too small?

Is it because you think that is only for big business and your data-driven insight is deduced from the generic pieces of studies posted out there?

Maybe it is all of those.

Get insight into how your email attachment track is working

Currently, individuals think data-driven insights come from industry research and analysts and they are partially correct. Others take purely anecdotal data based on their experience, yet it can be hard to use that to predict outcomes. 

We spoke to several consultants in in the field that work to sell their products and services and none of them had a tactical way to get insights on their sales conversations.

Maybe there is sales lead tracking software or analytics and intelligence software but you have to change the way you work to use them.

Tracking email attachments solves the response puzzle

We are helping individuals have a tactical way to plan their conversations, with data from email attachment tracking.

We are helping them understand what their buyer(s) care about. I am not talking about marketing to personas, I am talking about real relationships that get built on conversations during a sales cycle. 

Data-driven insights are now at your fingertips and all you have to do is leverage tools that are meant to give you the insight you need. 

Value-driven discussions come from data-driven insights. If you have never had insights from your prospective client, then you are just assuming what is important to them.  

Stop assuming and start understanding with email attachment tracking what they care about at

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