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Slydeck continues to enhance your customer’s experience, build engagement opportunities, and provide actionable insights.

MELBOURNE, FL – Slydeck is pleased to announce the immediate availability of some substantial enhancements to our platform, which we developed based on feedback from you, our users. With these updates, you will be able to significantly improve your customer experience and opportunity to “close the deal” and here’s a brief summary of what you’ll see next time you log in:

Fully customization within the viewer

You can now personalize every aspect of your recipient’s viewing experience by enabling or disabling custom color themes, enhanced branding, your full contact details, appointment/follow-up scheduling, and links to cross-product (“up-sell”) opportunities.

Enhanced control of User-Settings

All your customization can be enabled or disabled using simple switches: turn them on or off, whenever you want.

Improved responsiveness

Our platform adapts, and automatically optimizes for, the devices you or your recipients use: phone, tablet, or desktop.

Enhanced metrics

You will experience clear, detailed, actionable metrics for each file and share and we are adding more in the future.

Page previews

We all get forgetful so now, when you are on a “hot” page in your metrics view, you’ll see a fully interactive preview of that page and file

Google Chrome Extension

We released this a few weeks ago and you have the ability to upload, copy links and share files directly just by clicking a button in your browser.

Founder and CEO, Andy Quintana “we’re working hard on more exciting things, so please follow us on our social media platforms, listen to the podcasts we’ve posted, and keep an eye out for next month’s announcements.”

Slydeck is headquartered in Melbourne, FL and was formed by a team whose combined experience of sales, communications, and technology spans over 75 years.

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