March 16th Launch Brings New Insights into Proposal Tracking

Proposal Tracking Service

MELBOURNE, FL – Slydeck launches proposal tracking software that offers unparalleled insights into customer behavior.  Countless hours are spent working with prospects and creating proposals that may never yield results.  Slydeck delivers unprecedented visibility into when proposals are viewed, how much time customers spend on each page and with whom they share the file.  Our goal is to enable you to most effectively plan your next conversation with actively engaged customers, thereby allowing you to focus on growing your business.

CEO – Andy Quintana

Founder and CEO, Andy Quintana said, “We’re excited to launch a proposal tracking solution that helps individuals and businesses of all sizes gain incredible insight into the interests and needs of their customers, and focus their sales efforts on providing a unique client experience”.

Slydeck is headquartered at Groundswell in Melbourne, FL and was formed by a team whose combined experience of sales, communications, and technology spans over 95 years. 

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