We got 3 in September! Great announcements and as always user feedback drives enhancements. With these new updates, we significantly improved our user experience and access to our platform by launching on the Salesforce AppExchange and a MS Outlook/O365 Add in.

Utilizing these new capabilities we:

  • Streamlined the Application – metrics, UI, and the viewer
  • Launched in the Salesforce AppExchange
  • Launched access to Slydeck right in MS Outlook/O365 (in the AppSource)

Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll see next time you log in: Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

  • Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange
    You can now install and trial our app on Salesforce, giving your organization the power to tie “Won” deals to content engagement.
  • Available in MS Outlook and O365 Find a leverage Slydeck right from Outlook or O365 online. It has never been easier.
  • New UI on the Web App You will now see a more modern and less clutter, streamlined view of our application. This gives us the ability to rapidly add capabilities without disrupting what you are used to.
  • Enhanced Viewer with Scrolling
    Your recipients can now us scrolling to page through the documents instead of clicking a next page button making it easier for more natural for them to engage with the files. 

Commit to adding more value to your sales conversations by signing up at slydeck.io for our free email attachment tracking version to start.

More exciting things to come!

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