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Ryan brings over 10 years of experience in the marketing space leveraging tools and data insights to drive outcomes.

Ryan said, “Slydeck gives marketers insights into their gated content assets, which is something the market is in desperate need of. Slydeck is going to be the catalyst for helping marketers create better messaging and allow companies to better understand the needs of their customers.  It is great to be invited to the team.”

– Ryan Shelly

Our Founder and CEO, Andy Quintana added:

“Ryan has a unique background focused on data being at the center of marketing.  This gives us a way to ensure the data we are providing is extremely valuable.  His insights have already proven to help us expand our technology to new use cases.  We are looking forward to having him on our advisory board.”

– Andy Quintana

Please join us in welcoming Ryan to our team, and follow our social media channels for more exciting news in the coming weeks!

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