As a Senior Sales Agent I’ve Been Waiting For This.

Proposal Tracking Sales

TL;DR: This is crazy powerful software. I would have closed more deals if I had proposal tracking early in my career.

Sign up. Use it. Get paid. The end.

Let proposal tracking software guide you to better communication.

Here’s why I believe that, I made calls, I walked the halls, I have done the demo’s, I have sat in boardrooms, I have forecasted the number & chased every lead like it was real. Had I been smarter, and had there been a way to help me not just get through cadence, [on gut instinct and shaky promises] then I’d be on a fancy boat right now, floating off my own private island.

I joined Slydeck in 2019 because I’ve learned the value of my prospecting and pre-sales time: not all deals are equal, but everybody wants slides or a proposal…right?

What I didn’t know was who to call next, and what they wanted to talk about. The platform we built tells me precisely that, and I use it every day. It works.

Let’s play this out;


  1. We get introduced; maybe you call me, maybe I cold-call you.
  2.  I get lucky; perhaps we set up a meeting and I send you a pitch-deck in advance. If I’m good, we schedule “a demo,” but I don’t know who I’m talking to, or about what in particular; I spend 20 minutes making sure you can hear me & see my screen, and then I just read slides and pause occasionally for “questions” you haven’t got.
  3. Sales person/Account Executive shuffles around uncomfortably on mute. They’re also on the phone, but have been here before. ‘kinda the same old scripted thing. We’ll debrief & I’ll hear all about it later, trust me…;)
  4. I do my thing, remotely, to a room full of unknown and unreadable people, most of whom are typing & not listening. I don’t know this for sure but I can guess…we’ve all been there & done that, haven’t we?
  5. I close with “good meeting” and we agree to “follow up” with some slides and I send you my deck or document, attached to a nice email.
  6. You go quiet. I leave you a VM in a couple of days to “catch-up” and “make sure you have my contact details.” I probably fish for “a call, when you have time.”
  7. Meanwhile, I tell my people it “went well” and I’m “following up.” It goes on their list for next week to check-in with me on, because now it’s on their forecast call as “stretch” for sure.
  8. Nothing happens, but I tried. I’ll bluff that next week.
  9. I take heat.
  10. The end.

Let’s discuss a better approach.

Email stress without proposal tracking.


  1. #1 is as above, we chat & I send you some stuff.
  2. I know you opened it, and I know you read through it.
  3. I know you’re interested in how I position myself against my competitors, how my pricing works, or what my “offer” is because I know you spent time on those pages.
  4. I know you passed my proposal on, and how whom, [and how they] engaged with it…that’s powerful.
  5. I call you. We talk about [that] and advance those topics, specifically, with an audience that’s probably listening. I answer your questions, and I ask if [your recipient] might have questions on [their topics] that I should follow-up on directly?
  6. NOW I ask if you’d like to pursue, with whom, and how?
  7. You say “ no ,” and I can choose to walk away. You say “ Yes! ,” so I have an opportunity and it’s my ball, with insight…
  8. I do my thing. We work it out, promptly, intelligently, and with focus.
  9. Deal gets done.
  10. I get paid.

Proposal tracking gives insight to follow.

Proposal tracking helps you with better insight.

You see how this works? Do you get more out of scenario #1 or scenario #2?

Do you want to filter your dead-end leads out long before the next call, you board a flight, or eat lunch 500 miles away (you’re paying for) and would rather have time at home with the family?

Do you want to just get through cadence & “forecast” that number again because you “have a meeting scheduled” about nothing in particular?

You want to close a deal, add a customer, and get paid, right?

I’ve done#1 and built #2.

It’s quick, inexpensive, easy and it just works.

Try our free version and focus on better leads to start.

Stop The Bloating, The Software Market Has Great Fit For Purpose Software (ours focuses on email attachments only)

email attachment tracking with benefits

Software needs to address your specific problem and look for “fit for purpose” in order to say “No to bloat” and convert.

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Conversations In Sales Doesn’t Always Create Better Engagement (email insights can help though)

email attachment tracking conversations

A mentor of mine once shared the following: “make sure you team is not just having a conversation with the client, every conversation should be moving the ball forward.”

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Sales Engagement and Adding Value for Email Attachment Tracking

email attachment tracking blog Value

Quality of conversations has long been a problem in sales. 

Sellers motivated by money, or large portfolios of products to sell, drive them to try and find any solution for their clients. Most try to build true relationships, others are quick to move on to the prospects that listen versus listening to the prospects.

We all have our focus and understanding buyers and their challenges should be at the center.  Buyers may not be open to sharing all the information they have with sellers. That is why sales takes time.

Email attachment tracking assist with client targets
Email attachment tracking assist with client targets

There are many factors affecting buyers and their purchase, like the value, the ROI, the urgency, the need, and the list goes on. In B2B, you can compound that by the decision committees.

Understanding what matters to everyone is not an easy job, that why sales is so rewarding.

Now think about why engagement is so important.  Knowing that you are actually engaging clients is critical, actually not just the engagement but building that trust and open line of communication, developing the relationship is critical.

email attachment tracking chat
Sales conversations are tough.

What people seek is to have meaningful conversation that gets to the point. Buyers are not looking for the sales pitch.

We all know that buyers are well educated way before they pick up that phone or engage a salesperson.

They want to know the differentiation, the value add, the price point and a few other things. 

Sending them material to review is worthless unless you have discussed with them what you are sending. But you also have to give them some time with the content. They have to share it with others, discuss it internally and then they come back with questions. 

email attachment tracking app
Email attachment tracking app

What if the buyer could engage others directly and comment on the files they are being sent. 

This is what we are seeking to accomplish.

A simple engagement platform that allows the tracking of email attachments.

Take the next step and commit to adding more value to your sales conversations by signing up at for our free version to start.

Data-Driven Insights for Everyone! Email Attachment Tracking is the future

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Insight is no longer important in today’s business, it’s critical.  Without it you are lost.

A report from Indeed showed a 29% increase in demand for data scientist year over year and a 344% increase since 2013.  The demand is greater than the supply and it is all because business are looking for data-driven insights and analytics.

So why would you, as a seller, selling your services or products not want to have conversations based on data-driven insights? Is it because you think you are too small or your team is too small?

Is it because you think that is only for big business and your data-driven insight is deduced from the generic pieces of studies posted out there?

Maybe it is all of those.

Get insight into how your email attachment track is working

Currently, individuals think data-driven insights come from industry research and analysts and they are partially correct. Others take purely anecdotal data based on their experience, yet it can be hard to use that to predict outcomes. 

We spoke to several consultants in in the field that work to sell their products and services and none of them had a tactical way to get insights on their sales conversations.

Maybe there is sales lead tracking software or analytics and intelligence software but you have to change the way you work to use them.

Tracking email attachments solves the response puzzle

We are helping individuals have a tactical way to plan their conversations, with data from email attachment tracking.

We are helping them understand what their buyer(s) care about. I am not talking about marketing to personas, I am talking about real relationships that get built on conversations during a sales cycle. 

Data-driven insights are now at your fingertips and all you have to do is leverage tools that are meant to give you the insight you need. 

Value-driven discussions come from data-driven insights. If you have never had insights from your prospective client, then you are just assuming what is important to them.  

Stop assuming and start understanding with email attachment tracking what they care about at